Monday, October 9, 2017

Website For Non-Profits - Features That Yours Should Include

There are not many differences between traditional websites and a website for non profits. The biggest difference is probably in the URL. A non profit ends with .org and a traditional one ends with .com. It is important for non profit websites to include features that are going to allow visitors to make donations of goods or services. Non profit websites usually need to have a few extra features for these types of specific needs. There are a few ideas below of features you might want to consider adding to your non profit website.
When designing a website for non profits there are a few features that can be added to enhance the overall success of your site. Having a link on each page of your site where visitors could make a donation is a great feature to add to your site. Adding a donation tracker can help you account for donations when you have an event or fundraiser and because non profit sites are so dependent on donations it is great to keep track. Running a website for non profits is similar to running a traditional website.
Your non profit organization can have an awesome website that is clear and to the point about what you do and what your goal is with help from an experienced website design company. Having a list of current and upcoming projects or events that is kept updated is a great feature for your website so that you can get the volunteers or donations you might need before your event. It is important to have great communication with volunteers and staff members about events because communication is a big key in running a website for non profits.
When designing a website for non profits, these are a few of the things to consider. Your site can be headed in the direction you want with so many different features you can add to your site. Finding a company to help you design your site is a good idea and in most cases, the design company will offer a discounted rate to a non profit website because they understand that they are very dependent on donations. Don't hesitate to seek help with your site design; plenty of companies would be willing to help your website become established in exchange for promoting their own website.

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