Friday, October 6, 2017

Non Profit Website Design - Top Don'ts to Avoid

With the right non profit website design, you can turn your website into a tool that is strategic and powerful. Home pages can help to bring you new supporters and they can help bring back those who already support you again and again. When new people visit your non profit site, what are they seeing? You want them to have a positive experience while visiting. If you want to bring in more online revenue, you need to make sure you are avoiding big mistakes with your site. Here is a look at the top Don'ts that you want to avoid with your non profit site.
DON'T Forget a Call to Action
The first thing you need to avoid when it comes to non profit website design is forgetting a call to action. If you want people to donate to your organization, you have to ask them to. By forgetting to ask people to donate, many people will probably think that you don't really need donations. Forgetting a call to action will greatly decrease the amount of money you can raise online so always make sure you include a good call to action with your donate button.
DON'T Use Excessive Jargon
You also need to avoid using excessive jargon on your website when you are working on non profit website design. It's easy to use a lot of terms that are related to your niche. However, other people may not understand the jargon and this may confuse them. Consider having someone that doesn't have experience in the non profit world go over the content that you have on your site. They'll be able to point out places that are difficult to understand because of jargon. Make sure that you make content easy to read and use real, simple terms to explain everything to those visiting your site.
DON'T Make Navigation Difficult
Another thing you need to avoid in your non profit website design is making navigation difficult for your visitors. Sometimes navigation can be difficult to follow on your site, which will quickly turn off visitors. Other times, text can become hidden behind other text or buttons, which is also a big problem. Go over the site and the site design to ensure that people can easily navigate through your site. It's especially important that you ensure that they can find and go to the right place to donate money. If people cannot easily navigate through your site, they'll leave your site and probably won't come back, so easy navigation is definitely important to the success of your website.
DON'T Make it Difficult to Donate
Last, don't make it difficult for visitors to donate to your non profit organization. People are trusting you with their donations, so you need to make sure that you have easy and secure donation. Ways that you can make donations easy include shortening the amount of time it takes to donate, making supporters feel that they haven't left your site, and making donations take fewer clicks. The harder it is to donate the less likely people are to go through with a donation. When creating your non profit web design, ensure that you create an easy way that people can give money in a short period of time.
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