Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Increase Revenue For Your Website

Every webmaster is interested in increasing revenue for their website. Two methods to increase revenue are to increase traffic with paid advertising, and optimize your website to raise your conversion rate.
Increase Traffic With Paid Advertising
When you have a website with a proven conversion rate you can increase your revenue by sending more traffic. Free organic traffic is always preferable to increase sales, but paid advertising can yield a higher per customer return because of your ability to target specific consumers.
The key to success with paid advertising is efficiency. It may seem counter intuitive to say "I don't want this visitor", but when you're paying for traffic you only want to target buying customers.
Paid advertising can help large websites increase visibility, but websites on a limited budget need to focus on profits, not exposure. Avoid broad keywords in your campaign, and use analytical data to identify who your buying customers are.
Increase Profitability Of Existing Traffic
An often overlooked method to increase revenue for your website is to optimize your existing traffic. If you have a website with a conversion rate of 2% you can increase revenue by increasing traffic. If your current traffic base is 1,000 customers per day you would theoretically double your revenue by sending 2,000 customers per day.
In most cases, however, increasing your traffic in a small time frame would require you to purchase traffic. Another way to approach this scenario would be to focus on improving your existing traffic. Instead of sending new traffic, you optimize your website to raise your conversion rate from 2% to 4%.
Your revenue would double in this scenario at a considerably lower cost. You can optimize your website by streamlining your checkout process and making your website easier to navigate. Making customer testimonials more visible, and offering a money back guarantee can also increase your conversion rate.
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