Friday, August 18, 2017

The Birth of a Professional Web Site

Our basics & focus while designing & developing the website:
1. Try to maintain standards: As the proverb says "Implication is more powerful than specification." So should we imply our hardwork for developing creative and unique website designs rather than just specifying that we are the best sellers and lending the same old design with new name to the clients.
2. Target on homepage: The home page is the page where people first enter your website. The homepage needs to be quick & easy to load. More of graphics increase the time for page to open or download. Visitors are generally too busy and so we must not waste much of their time. The home page should be simple but attractive. Aaesthetic appeal of the design & layout of website attract internet surfers & pursue them to visit the site frequently.
3. Importance of About Us Page: The About Us page is a page that explains to the public about the website, what it holds, who you are, what your company does, how long your company has been in business and your address and phone numbers. So the About us page is an important link on a website as most people want to know about the company with which they are doing business with and so should be placed on the top of the body of a webpage.
4. Product/Services page: The Product/Services page explains what the products/services are. What you are selling and for how much? Just like in a store, the products are displayed with price tags. And So the Product/Services page too is an important link on a website as most people visit websites for products and services offered by your website.
5. Testimonials are the best way of Advertising: Testimonials page is a list of your clients and what they say about your products/services. As we say "The best kind of advertisement is word of mouth," and same would testimonials do for your websites. Even though such advertisement doesn't travels fast, it can do some magnificent results. When one of your past customers tells other people through testimonials how great your service is, it makes people feel secure, and safe. It gives them a reason why to buy your service or product.
6. Updation of pages: Regular updates of pages for changing products and services is possible through dynamic section of our webdesign services. Many firms need to update their products/services list every month. AMC for maintaining websites every month can turn out to be a damn expensive job. And so dynamic websites modules have been developed whereby you can make changes in your products/services list on your own without the need of a programmer or designer. It provides portable & compatible website solutions. However modifications & up gradations can be done by re-designing the site by charging AMC for maintaining websites and for such modifications.
7. Importance of Interactivity: As we say "Smart Websites that entertain users, inform and bring them back!", Interactivity plays an important role in one to one conversation on the web. Build sites that promote communications through enhanced interactivity on your website. The websites that you build should open two-way communications between your company and your users. Create websites which are interactive with the visitors. On every click the visitor gets an opposite reaction. And for this we have developed many interactive elements and tools.
For detailed study on interactivity see []
8. Navigation must be easy and simple: Visitors hate to go through tens of pages to get their required informations. And so make sure that the navigation of a page is simple and easy.
Here are some navigation tips for successful website design:
>> Navigation bars which are a simple set of buttons or text, should be repeated on every page in the site, usually at the top,left, or bottom.
>> If your page scrolls down more than 1 1/2 screen views you must add simple text navigation to the very bottom so they don't have to scroll back to the top to make another selection.
>> Every navigation bar should include a home page button, contact information.
>> If your site is large enough, an index page or a site map should be made for visitors to know about the website.
>> End user simulation is performed to ensure user - friendly navigation & flow.
9. Use of Index page and Home page: Place a home button/icon which links back to your homepage, and which donot links to index.htm or index.php page. Make copy of your homepage which is usually index.php or index.htm and name it home.php/home.htm and use that for the navigation link. This helps to check your webstats where we see how many people went to your index.html and thus get a more accurate number as each time someone clicked on home.html it didn't take them back to index.html. This way we separate out the two.
10. Creating A Shopper Friendly Site: Shopper friendliness is of key importance in attracting and keeping customers at your website. While considering your site's shopper friendliness, Keep in mind these two important factors: Simple and Efficient Navigation and Ordering Ease.
We offer services to our valuable clients as per their needs & choice. We excel in rendering services to corporate as well as to an individual. Our aim is to build neat, professional, interactive & good-looking websites. We complete our projects in time and build relationship with our valuable clients through ethical business practices. We provide reliable choice at comparative price.

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