Sunday, July 30, 2017

Website and Graphic Design for Small Businesses

It still amazes me to see how many businesses try to cut costs when it comes to getting a logo, business card, advertising flyer or website designed for their business. The surprising thing most of the time is that often these same companies spend large amounts on radio advertising, street signage or branding of their company vehicles.
In early days while my business was new and I was trying to attract customers I would often go into stores and speak to the owners to see if they needed a website. I common response was, "I don't need a website or my friends brothers son is doing it". Months later and of course the favour from the useful contact still hadn't come through and what was meant to be a money saver has ended up costing the business owner in lost revenue due to his competitor being found online before him. Trying to find a good deal is one thing but trying to get an important part of a businesses presence created for free is a short sighted mistake.
You don't need an expensive flashy site to get found online or to look professional, but these days you do need an online presence.
I recently saw a television advert during a popular show which was by no means quick or to the point (meaning it must have cost a fortune) advertising a product related to the niche tv show that was being screened. The business owner must have thought he would get a lot of customers calling about his product which in turn would lead to many sales. He advertised his phone number and as a kind of after thought his website address too.
The first thing I noticed and remembered from the advertisement was his website name. I was not the only one either. Not long after the show I browsed the internet and found his site. To be completely honest his website was terrible. The product he was trying to sell was not clearly displayed anywhere on the site which had obviously been created with tables for browsers of a different time as many things on the site did not line up correctly. never mind the lack of clear imagery, if I had actually wanted to buy this product I would have had a hard time finding where to do so.
I thought I would do this guy a favour and point him in the direction of a very affordable and professional company that offer small business websites to clients worldwide.
He was just not interested and thought his website was not that important.
I wonder how many sales he lost from that oversight?

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