Saturday, May 6, 2017

How To Make A Low Cost Website Market Better For Your Business Online

Affordable websites just won't do what I need them to do!
A common complaint, and then they finish off with...
I just can't afford to hire a webmaster, and pay them to build a website that sells my products.
Why not?
They're just so expensive and out of my budget that I can't afford them. So, I have this little cheap site that isn't benefitting anyone. I don't think I've even got any traffic.
Well, there's your problem. It isn't the cheap site. It's that you don't know what to do with it, and you haven't got a webmaster who will tell you.
But I can't afford to pay a webmaster to keep them on staff, and I've just given up.
Let's back 'er up a step or two and get back in the saddle. A website doesn't have to be expensive, and there are web-tech services out there that will totally help you with marketing if you're willing to listen and follow directions.
What do you mean follow directions? If I'm going to build it, why would I pay anyone.
You want to find a great tech who will pick up the pieces when you get in over your head, help you out a little bit, and still be there for the next month, when you need your basic maintenance done. A tech who will look at your site and fix your minor mistakes is worth their weight in Gold! And if they're willing to give you 'helps along the way' they're worth even more.
How would a good tech help me with my site?
Most of the better tech, site managers are going to have an ezine or member site for a small fee, somewhere between $25 and $299 a month, and that fee offers a wide variety of services, from basic "update the plugins" to "add great plugins and rearrange graphics, or even add content", along with some essential marketing recommendations to help you grow traffic on your site, as well as make sure those conversions are happening. When you find one who does all that, keep them happy. Their happiness pays off in the long run.
How do you keep them happy?
Listen to them. Read their ezine - because there's important information in there that you NEED to know about marketing and managing your website. And occasionally, when you've asked them to do something special on your behalf, send them an extra payment or bonus gift via their payment package. But more than anything else, be sure you're sending them referrals. Yeah, bite the bullet and tell your readers who does your tech support and why your website is such a delightful place to hang out. Your webmaster will love you for it!
Marketing strategies are a dime a dozen but if you don't use them they're worthless as as a box of dead worms. Your webmaster will help you turn a marketing strategy into a profitable business online, if that webmaster is at We have quality packages at affordable prices and valuable marketing strategies to add to your package.

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