Thursday, April 6, 2017

Website Traffic Monetization

To establish a personal e-commerce site is not as easy as it used to be.
Since thousands of sites now compete for a sizable share of the market,
it is important to explore ways and methods that will improve sales and
therefore benefit your business.
The fact is that most persons start an online enterprise in order to make extra money,
and not just for fun.
Although there are those who take things very easy, the majority will be happy to see profitable returns daily.
It is accepted knowledge that traffic makes a business successful. In other words,
when customers visit or call and buy, sales are made. Without sales, there are no profits.
Without profits, any commercial enterprise fails. Traffic represents everyone who
is able to see the products or services that you offer. The greater the number of
people that are exposed to your products, the more prospective customers there are
that would buy them.
Whoever sets up an e-commerce site without expecting to make profit?
Profits aim to cover initial startup capital, running expenses and various overhead costs.
Consistent traffic at least, gives one a fighting chance to make good returns on investment.
When you monetize your traffic, the probability of making the best out of it is optimized.
Make Money From Your Traffic
The tried, tested and proven method of earning an income from your traffic is through advertising.
Millions of traffic is generated online everyday. While most of them are searching for information,
a high percentage of these searchers are looking for a service or product to satisfy some need.
The internet has proven to be a very reliable tool in locating useful information, services or products
that otherwise would have been difficult if not impossible to search for.
The internet has so turned the world into a global village.
It is now possible to advertise a product in some remote or obscure corner of the world
and get buyers from all over the world.
To generate traffic is not child's play. However, once it is done properly, immense possibilities are opened up.
One of such benefits is monetization of the flow of traffic to your site.
Monetization Methods
Free Advertising
This has been discussed in another article. Free methods of advertising include use of online communities and forums, use of newsletters, links trading, writing and posting of articles,
and providing theme-based keyword-rich content for your website.
Pay Per Click Advertising
This is a great way to generate massive targeted traffic to your site.
Since traffic is convertible to sales and therefore profits, and as advertising
generates traffic, a good advertising scheme would be to your advantage.
Pay per click advertising can provide this.
Apart from being a source of potential customers that are willing to pay for your offers,
traffic to your website can also be redirected to sponsored links on the site.
Such sponsored links are advertisers that are willing to pay you for the traffic that is
sent to their links.
This method is called pay-per-click because every time a visitor to your site clicks
on an advertised link you get paid.
So, the more traffic your site generates and the more clicks that are made on
these sponsored links, the more income you make.
Affiliate Programs
With affiliate programs you can also monetize the traffic to your site.
When you join an affiliate program, a link is given to you to promote.
You can drive traffic to it directly through a variety of ways or you can place
the link on your webpage and advertise that page.
You are paid a percentage of sales generated by traffic that gets to your site.
Many affiliate programs automatically track and record transactions made through the
affiliate link on your site.
An affiliate program allows you to monetize your traffic without you having to personally
stock or fulfill orders for the product.
Other Methods
Traffic monetization methods are many and varied.
An internet search will reveal further information and tips on how to monetize your traffic and earn some good extra income.
Thaddeus Edah, Online e-Business Opportunities For Web Entrepreneurs

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