Friday, February 3, 2017

Three Unusual, But Effective Ways To Attract Many More Visitors To Your Website

There are few things as frustrating as having a good-looking website (blog or sales site) that has been well optimized and has decent content, but you keep getting pathetic traffic figures. Either the amount of visitors is low or they just aren't buyers!
You can still remember how it all started, with so much hope and optimism, but now it's just an ongoing struggle to get decent people to your site.
If you have a web commerce site, you're struggling to generate enough sales to make it worthwhile. If you're a blogger, you're busting a gut to produce interesting, insightful posts, but you just can't generate enough interest to get your stuff in front of a significant audience.
Let's face it, to be "successful", you need to attract traffic that you can convert into sales, sign-ups, or followers. You know as well as I do that the internet is full of "gurus" with systems and techniques for sale, but the truth is that a lot of the solutions out there are either out-of-date, oversubscribed (ie everyone is doing it), or just plain don't work!
If you've been struggling and you're ready to boost your website traffic figures, then here are a few ideas you might want to consider. They're not overly difficult to apply but around 87% of sites are NOT using them at the moment! Sometimes it's a good idea not to follow the herd.
Here are three unusual, yet powerful, ideas for generating more website traffic that the online herd don't seem to know about, or can't be bothered to implement...
Social Media Remarketing
I'm sure you already know that social media can be a very powerful traffic generating tool when used properly. Remarketing allows you to establish ongoing contact with anyone who has visited your site, by continuing to engage with them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
By simply inserting a tracking pixel in your website, visitors who show up but then click away can be added to a custom audience group for your Facebook and Twitter ads.
This is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to maintain contact with interested parties, encourage return visits, and give you another bite at the apple!
Just go into your Facebook ad manager and search the Help section for instructions on how to get, and insert, the pixel in your website.
The Modern Find and Pull Strategy
The find and pull strategy is a legal and ethical way to siphon visitors away from either your competitors' sites or other sites in a similar niche. It involves setting up a simple alert to capture posts or general information which is pertinent to your niche.
You can find these in popular blogs and forums within your area of interest. Google alerts, Facebook mentions, Twitter mentions and are free, and easy-to-use tools that you can set up to detect new online posts that are related to articles that you have recently posted on your website.
The alert will allow you to react while the post is still fresh and receiving the largest amount of exposure. Your job is to put together a well written and insightful comment that you add to their post.
It is important to insert a link back to the specific article or page on your website that is related to the one that you are commenting on. Do not link to your homepage! Link to your relevant article.
This will make you more appealing to an audience that has already been qualified as being interested in your niche. The result - more highly targeted traffic to your site that is easier to convert.
Leverage Your Email List With Facebook
The old email marketing saying that "the money is in the list" still holds true to a certain degree, but an email list can also be a great tool for highly targeted and relevant traffic generation.
By leveraging an email list through Facebook, you can not only reach out directly on social media to the people on their list, you can also create lists of people with similar interests within Facebook.
By uploading an email list to Facebook, it allows you to capture their Facebook accounts and target your FB ads directly to them.
As I mentioned, Facebook will expand on that original audience by creating additional audiences of Facebook accounts that share a similar set of demographics and interests. You can easily create a custom list made up of people who have a stated interest in your niche.
Your Facebook ads will appear directly in their feeds and send them to your website. This is an outstanding way to get increased, and highly relevant traffic to your site.
Above all, don't give up! With a little effort, these three traffic generating ideas can quickly multiply your website visitors. And it does not have to be needlessly complicated. Keep it simple and follow this strategy -
1. Monitor what works.
2. Monitor what doesn't work.
3. Stop doing what doesn't work and put that time, effort and money into what does work!
4. Test another strategy while continuing to do what works.
5. Go back to point number one, and repeat.
Jim Kerr is a renowned Business Success coach and mentor.

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