Sunday, December 18, 2016

Web Hosting Domain Registration

In order to have a presence on the Internet you need to acquire a domain and hosting. A valid domain name is very essential for your professional website if you want to promote it on the internet. If you want to display your own domain then it is highly essential for you to locate a good web hosting service that can provide you domain hosting options. You will see that most Internet Service Providers do not support domain hosting which can be highly harmful for your website if you change your ISP. If your website is connected with an ISP then its URL is an extension of the URL of your ISP.
There are various good web hosting services that are operating very successfully these days. They can provide you with good packages that come with domain registration as well. So, now let me tell you some essential things that you must know about domain hosting.
1. Domain Registration
This is a procedure with the help of which an organization or an individual can secure a domain name for their website. After the registration you can freely use the domain for a particular time period that is stated in the contract. 1 year is the standard but you can pay for more depending on your budget at the time you register. It is highly essential for you to get your domain renewed before the expiry date if you want to enjoy un-interrupted service.
2. Domain Hosting procedure
Various web hosting companies will provide you domain registration facilities with the help of which you can obtain a website domain. Once your domain is registered you can easily display your website on the internet with the help of web hosting providers. Web hosting providers rent you a small space on their servers in return for a particular amount of money.
3. Multiple domain hosting
There are various domain hosting options available and one of them is multiple domain name hosting. This type of hosting helps you to transfer your domain name which would then become your primary domain and underneath that would be your add-on domains. This type of service can really be very beneficial for you if you have different websites that contain different content and web pages.
4. Essential things to keep in mind while selecting multiple hosting
a. Your web hosting service must provide you the required hard disk space that you need for the promotion of your website.
b. Sufficient bandwidth should be provided for the growth and expansion of your site.
c. The hosting provider should be able to provide you the option of unlimited domains.
d. Separate e-mails accounts are needed for different domains.
Well these are some essential things that you must know about Domain hosting.
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