Saturday, December 3, 2016

Understanding Web Hosting Technical Terminology

Definition Of PHP ?
The full definition of PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor. It is generally a programming / scripting language used in the creation of dynamic web pages. HTML documents are usually inserted with such programming scripts commonly known as PHP tags.
In all of the computing programming languages, PHP is deem to be one of the easier programming method to learn, and therefore is widely adopted. You simply embed the PHP tags into HTML codes. The PHP scripts are always run or executed by the web server and it's generate dynamic web pages upon demand.
PHP are also powerful enough to do anything a CGI program can do, plus PHP interacts more effectively with a large variety of databases. There are also lots of websites providing PHP scripts free. Online tutorials are also available. Because PHP is so widely used, there are many resources available and continuous improvements being made.
Why Is There A Need For PHP ?
Basically the primary uses for PHP scripts can be divided into three key programming / scripting areas :-
There are basically three main PHP scripting areas.
  • First is server-side programming scripts. This is also the most commonly used area for PHP scripts. However, the usage of such programming script would also means that it's requires PHP web hosting, browser & parser.
  • PHP scripts can also be used without the need of a server or browser and these are commonly known as command line scripts.
  • PHP is also one of the most commonly used programming languages that are used in the creation of various desktop applications which uses graphic interface. PHP is compactable with most of the current major operating systems (OS) including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, etc.
What is ASP? []Similar to PHP, ASP is also a software programming scripts used for the generation of dynamic web pages.
The main difference between PHP & ASP is cost.
In the case of PHP, it is free and comes with regular free update. This also extends to the very extensive supports networks, online tutorials & instructions manuals.
On the other hand, ASP does not come with much free support nor upgrades and are generally more costly. As such, most web hosting providers package usually comes with PHP support.
On the technical front, PHP generally manages better memory capabilities and as such is more efficient and delivers pages more quickly than ASP.
Therefore from a price comparison basis, PHP is completely functional with no additional costs associated whereas ASP requires the purchase of separate licenses for additional functionality.
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