Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Types of Web Hosting For Your Various Web Hosting Needs

No matter how great your website is in terms of design, content or layout, it will be of no use unless it is placed on the web server. Reason is very simple. Your website will have online presence only after it is hosted on web server so that people from across the globe can access it. Think of a situation where you have a marvelous store at such a location where people are not provided way to reach it. Will that store give you any business? Obviously not!
There are millions of companies offering hosting services. These companies provide web server space to your website. If you search on internet for hosting companies then don't be surprised to find millions of them. You need a reliable web hosting company for your website's online presence. To make things simple, domain name of your website is same as name of the shop used for business while web hosting can be compared to infrastructure and space provided to the shop.
The clients and prospects can be won, if you are in position to provide best of the available services in the market. In the present world customer wants services anytime and anywhere. In online business, your website should essentially be accessible always. Think of a situation where in rush hour a cafe does not have sufficient attendants to provide you the desired services; the business of cafe will suffer.
The services required by your website depends on the nature of your website. These services are not the same for personal website, ecommerce website, email newsletter website or online forum website. Depending on the websites, the web hosting services are classified into four categories. These categories are shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting and collocation server hosting. The widely used two servers are shared server and dedicated server.
Shared server, also called virtual hosting is the one where many websites are placed in a single server. Since many users are sharing the same web server, the cost of the server is shared and hence this web hosting service cost less. Quality virtual hosting is available for a price as low as 100 dollars per annum.
In dedicated server, web hosting company lease the whole server. The web server is with the web hosting company. The users who do not want to share their web server with other users prefer dedicated server hosting. The biggest advantage of this type of hosting is the user can have customized hosting as per his need. However the cost of such hosting services starts from 100 dollars per month.
Reseller hosting is used by the companies which provide hosting services as their own business to the customers. In other words, these companies which market web hosting use the hosting services of some other major company.
Collocation server hosting is a kind of dedicated server hosting. In collocation server hosting, the user company places its web server in the hosting company and have physical access to that server.
I believe you now have a good understanding of different hosting types. What 90% of the people usually need are shared hosting. To find the best hosting, simply read our comprehensive web hosting reviews.
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