Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WordPress Blog Templates - Why? How? Which?

Blog Templates are responsible fro defining the layout, functionality and visual aspects of your blog - be it a WordPress, MT, Blogger or any other. Blog templates are what make it so simple for non-technical people become publishers and present content with unique visual representation.
Choosing blog template is perhaps one of the most important aspects of initial blog layout setup. The look and feel of your blog as well as its functionality are all controlled by the blog template you have chosen to utilize.
The Look
Choosing a theme that not only directly represents interests of your target reader is absolutely must! After all you don't want to have a blog template designed for World Of Warcraft representing content for dog breeders!
Images and design of your content should speak to your target reader on emotional level. It should help to deliver content in most effective manner and not hinder the reading process.
The Feel
Navigation and ability to locate information is also controlled by the functions within your blog template. Not only do they define the layout and visual representation but how people actually move through your blog.
Ability to find more relevant information within your blog is what will either help you retain the random visitor and turn him into reader or simply loose them for good. With abundance of info available on the net - you have t OVERdeliver on their expectations and properly coded and designed blog template will either help you or fail you.
The Package
What other functionally blog template provides that will help you separate your blog from other similar contenders? When you have decided to create a content on a topic and perhaps even earn from it - do you really think you were alone?
Then guess again! Competition is fierce and blog template as a total package can help you separate yourself from your competition and make a more memorable impact on your new visitor.
Learn to create a truly unique blog layout using a WordPress Blog Templates. Get an unbiased review of what actually works and choices available to you.

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