Friday, September 30, 2016

Design Tips For Your Free Blog Template

Choose a clean design - There are several add-ons available for any website and blogs online. Free blog templates can also be easily incorporated with widgets and third-party ads. But a good template and blog, in general, is clean and crisp. If you want your visitors to understand what you're trying to say with your posts, don't distract them with a farrago of sparkly advertisements, useless widgets and other non-productive add-ons. Less is more when it comes to a well-designed blog. Visitors of your blog will certainly like a clutter-free website, which effectively guides them to important topics hassle-free.
Choose a focused design - No matter what you're trying to say with your blog, it is important for your free blog template to efficiently grab the attention of your visitors. Guide your readers by proving a call-to-action area in your design, which will direct them to the aim or topic you intend.
Choose a photo-friendly design - Images and photographs can boost the effectiveness of your topics. Improve the experience of your readers by attaching photos and images to your posts. This will certainly make your message more interesting and less dull.
Choose a good color scheme - While having a clean and clutter-free blog is essential, you don't have to bore your visitors with a plain design. If you want your readers to be interested in your website and invite them to come back, incorporating a good color scheme is a truly excellent way to do these. You should, however, be wary of using flashy or overbearing colors.
Choose a readable font and font size - Do away with small, illegible texts on your free blog template design. One of your main aims should be readability. To ensure that your posts can be easily read, try to read them yourself and see if they make you strain your eyes or move closer to the screen. If so, change the font and/or font size and choose something that will work for you and your readers.

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