Monday, August 15, 2016

Unlimited Web Hosting - What it Means!

With the increase of companies offering Web Hosting services increasing each day, and with a vision to offer the best services, to its new customers and maintain a large portion of this market segment. Various marketing gimmicks are put into use to lure the unsuspecting customers looking for a place to host their websites. One of the commonly used is offering "Unlimited Web Hosting services" if you opened an account with them.
The term Unlimited Web Hosting may mean differently to both the web hosting company and the account holder. Let's look at what the web host company means when using this offer as a bit to lure new customers into their trap. This may help you do an analysis before signing up for this "super offer". Before offering unlimited hosting accounts, the web hosting company looks at two main factors, these include size for your website and the bandwidth it may use when visitors come visiting.
Websites with high number of visitors, graphics and big size may strain the Web Hosting infrastructure thereby limiting it from offering high standard hosting to its customers. To go around this, they access the potential of the website and any projected growth which determines the resources it may use in its pick performance. Unlimited Web Hosting is mostly allowed for starter websites and personal or small business websites which may never have a major effect on the bandwidth and storage space assigned.
In case your website outgrows the "allowed maximum features", the hosting company will still come claiming you need to change your unlimited Web Host account to another special bigger account that caters for your overgrown or high traffic site; this will usually comes at an extra cost to cater for higher storage and bandwidth usage. Remember no one would set up a web hosting business without considering the economic viability of the investment.
Though you have to pay for your Unlimited Web Hosting Account, you still have to consider the technology supporting their systems, effectiveness of their support, any hidden costs, features available in other types of accounts etc. This will ensure you don't regret latter when you discover the services being offered fall far below the par. Ensure you have relevant testimonials and opinions that support the company ability to offer Unlimited Web Hosting with no compromise to its service or hidden costs.

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