Monday, July 18, 2016

Web Hosting & Web Development

In the world of Internet today, where everything is sold online now, web presence has become very important for any business now. Therefore, every business has to prepare a website and host it on the web. But, for many of the small-scale entrepreneurs, it is not possible to have their own servers, due to financial problems. That is why, they are compelled to purchase bandwidth and disk storage space from web hosting companies to show their website online.
In detail, if we talk about the meaning of the word web hosting, it is like a provision of online arrangements or a data center for storing images, video, information and any other critical data that can be shown via the web to users including individuals and organizations.
Web hosting services are now offered on a large scale and any Webmaster can easily purchase them as a component of an Internet access service. There are many kinds of web hosting services that one can avail of, but the right choice depends on some critical factors like the need of the Webmaster to have complete control over the site and the data protection required. Also, more factors like the requirement of the operating system, scripting software and the database software come into picture for choosing the right kind of service provider.
The two most common web-hosting services are dedicated and shared server. The latter implies a sharing of the server with many other websites and obviously security concerns are a major issue with this kind of a system. Dedicated server, on the contrary, means a single server for your site but that does not indicate that the Webmaster owns the server, but it still facilitates easier control. Every webmaster who wants to get the site online wants to avail the facilitates of a web hosting service provider, but important factors like the uptime of the provider has to be taken into consideration before making the choice. Uptime basically, means the time for which a server is running, if this time is low, then most of the times the important users will not be able to open your site.  It is one of the most critical decisions of a business and hence, it becomes quite important for any business to scrutinize and compare the uptimes of different providers before opting for one.
Web development essentially is the earlier step before the web hosting comes into picture. It refers to all those activities that are included in the preparation of a site that will be then shown on the intranet. It is a very complicated process including many technical aspects like content development, server configuration, client and server coding and the most important of all, web design.  Web development is indeed a very strategic procedure from the point of view of any company that aims to have a sound online presence. With use of key techniques like search engine optimization and graphical designing of the site, this process needs the talents of prodigal SEO's, web developers, proofreaders and copywriters.
Processes like web hosting and development have changed the way our websites are portrayed on the net and therefore, they have led to a surge in the popularity of the web as a source of sales.

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