Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Gives Life To Your Website?

You ponder why more website traffic continues to elude you. So you beef up your endeavours like never before, in a last-ditch attempt to bring in more site visitors. But perhaps the real trouble is not the shortage of new visitors to your site. Maybe it has more to do with why you are not providing extra care of the prospective customers you've already got.

How do you nurture those who signed up for your list – and why must you do it?

Well, apart from being a nice guy who genuinely cares about them, let me remind you what happens, when you start to go over a TV show you like with your friends or family members…

Say you all enjoy fishing; and you find you all enjoy watching “Fishing the Flats” with Henry Waschuk. You don’t require any encouragement to concur how good the show is, or how much you appreciate his fishing tips, the formula the chef offers – and the extraordinary variety of remarkable fish found off the Florida Keys, or further down South.

Do you love the show for his apparent talent and the tips you pick up there? Partly – because he genuinely is skillful, and the show has a fantastic, well thought-out structure, filled with value.

But it’s more than just the tips, or his skill, that makes you feel like you’ve had a mini fishing holiday, when you take that 30-minute session to watch it on Sunday mornings…

It’s More Than Just The Tips, Or The Expertise.

… It’s Henry’s enthusiasm. His passion, his joy – and how he so clearly lives for the sport! He’s like a small kid always surprised on a Christmas Day (in the warm, sunny Florida coasts) – and what’s more, he’s the type of outgoing, friendly kid who lives to share his greatest presents with you.

(Even his chef – who so swiftly shows you that fabulous, delicious fresh-catch recipe – mirrors that enthusiasm and keeps the mood – and the audience - flowing right along.)

Since when you introduced that sense of joy and adventure to your web site? Since when you shared your thoughts with absolute wonder and gleeful delight? Or do you just calculate, plot, and weigh consequences – and dole out subject material to your readers?

You need to give them something to truly want to come back again to your website. You want them running up your driveway, every single Sunday morning, keen to see what you’ve got to share, like Henry, today.

Rediscover What Makes It Fun

That’s the missing lure you have to put back into your marketing strategy, to get far more visitors. Make the most of the readers you’ve got – and they’ll do the rest for you!

That illustration I used about “Fishing the Flats” was a real one. As we sat there and discussed it, we soon discovered four people in our midst hadn’t yet discovered the show – but immediately after hearing us, they soon became avid fans!

Just think - if it happened with 400 groups, each gaining 4 more subscribers in 4 weeks – that TV show would have 1,600 new viewers per week.

And if those 1,600 new viewers go out and 400 of them get into discussions with other fishing buddies… well, you can already see exactly where I’m going with this, I’m sure.

So look for those two traits – real enthusiasm and generosity in sharing a passion – in your internet marketing journey. If they’re not there in yours, step back. Take a “vacation” for yourself until you find what lights you up like Henry Waschuk, before you take another step.

After all, why kill yourself, working night and day just to bring in new website visitors – when your lack of fun and enjoyment could be due to the missing element - that is, helping your current subscribers, show them your energy and enthusiasm. Before you know it, you may just find yourself hauling in an even bigger catch!

Your website must breathe life, but before it does so it must be built on solid foundation, by employing the correct, tried and tested strategies. This special report about web traffic: "21 Strategies For Generating More Traffic", is for you to have. Enjoy it.

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