Monday, April 18, 2016

Quality Web Design - What's the Definition

One can never really say, "Oh that site is the best in the world " But they can say, "Yes, that site is great looking and the designer was pretty awesome "

I have been in web programming , or at the least studied web design for roughly 12 years and I have found that there just is no legit definition for Quality Web Design .

The fact remains that we always grow and develop better and more unique sites. On top of that, we simply have new players enter the game and bring a new type of Great Web Design that we have not seen before.

When sliders came out, everyone needed that on their site. Why? Becuase sliders were able to show different parts of their site content or even different parts of their services, right on the front page when the visitor shows up.

That is what puts the newer site designs ahead of the old... media, whether sliders, video, animation, whatever it may be, the media of today makes the internet easier to navigate.

While searching through some old sites recently, I found that I had about 40 sites I personally own that just did not look like I wanted them to, and I definitely needed to update them. Of course, I am no rich webmaster, not by any means.

That meant that I needed to find a cheap quality web designer, an affordable awesome web designer, a professional but low cost web designer.

What a war that was. I mean, I went through tons and tons of sites (the first on google may be fine for others, but I don't go for the first thing that pops up). And I finally found one I liked, eventually.

I actually paid double the cost for less than half of the services I got with Phase 3 web design. I spent too much with the first three sites I redeveloped, and then when I finally found these guys, I saw a blessing in disguise.

I ended up doing six sites with them and my satisfaction was tremendously higher than with others. I will continue to develop with them, but let me run down what I received for an insanely low cost.

My main site was totally revamped and they added media to it that fit exactly what I needed.

Another mobile site, that automatically added my main sites content, was developed for me as well, way cool.

My logo for the site was outdated and they gave me a new look, a look I desperately needed.

And finally, they made sure that my site was Yahoo and Google friendly. Who doesnt want to be added to that huh?

I also went ahead and checked out their promotion services, which boosted a couple of my sites way, way, up there. As awesome as that was, everyone has to check that out for themselves.

In the end, this is definitely the right choice for any business or any niche. Quality over quantity, remember the motto.

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