Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to Create a Custom WordPress Page Template

The Best Word Press Template Guide

Originally developed as a blog site, WordPress by default shows all comments in a loop, listing the newest entries first and the rest in chronological order from the date of entry. I love this about word press for blogging it allows all your visitors to see your latest comments and suggestions, while giving them the chance to look up older post by month of day.

Making sure that your word press blog only has one landing page, is not that hard to set up but finding the right layout is super important, and sometimes you will want and shouls create your own. By static, I mean that unlike the typical WordPress blog page, the content remains the same. You will be able to create your own custom navigation menu to make sure visitors have the right options on every page.

Sadly creating your own landing page and customizing it will take some knowledge and you will need it in normal then one language. In this simple article I will not be covering the steps in which you need to create a custom word press template, because there isn't enough room, but I will be going over the tools that you will need to make sure you have before we start.

When creating any type of website and even your own custom word pres template it's important that you remember that you should always test it on your local computer before placing it on the web. Having a local server will enable you to keep all of your files in one place without having them get lost in transition. You will also need XAMP, if you run Windows or MAMP on Mac and the newest version of WordPress installed on your server. Note pad ++ is a free download that you can get for coding your own wordpress template and a web browser like firefox.

You should also look into taking some, usually free, tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP. Hypertext Machine Language, Cascading Style Sheets and Hypertext Preprocessor, originally called Personal Home Page, will be used to create your custom page. I'm not saying that you will have to be an expert at these but your going to need to understand them and be able to read parts of them, for server instructions.

For many bloggers creating a custom WordPress page template can be a struggle as they manage their site and replenish content, not to mention trying to learn new languages. If your not willing t learn the code or it just seems to hard then comsider the customer template generators that are avaiable online, along with the free templates that come with word press.

These theme generators will allow you to define many areas of your blog to match colors and styles to your choosing, but for the most part are somewhat limited in the types of designs they can offer. But of course you click a couple of buttons and then your done, you have a custom word press theme on the other side. This is just a guide to the tools and different approaches that you can have when building a word press template and if your looking for extra functionality then look into word press membership site plug ins.

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