Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Tips on Becoming a Web Designer

Contemplating going into freelance web design? Thinking about a new career as a web designer? Here are five essential things to consider before you make the leap: (1) Firstly, obviously, you need to have an eye for detail and design. This is essential. Do you have a background in graphic design or art or have you always been interested in art / design? Can you draw or paint, have you got a sixth sense when it comes to layout on a page or on a web page? It is possible to learn computer code relatively quickly, but it is more difficult to learn design and artistic talent. At the very least good design skills will take a long time to develop. Practice, practice and then practice some more. Enter design competitions and study hundreds or thousands of other people's designs. Take a camera or notepad everywhere and start learning what designs inspire you. (2) Coding. Although this comes second to the design skills, you're still going to need it. Learn to code. There are few, if any web designers who don't have a firm grasp of css and HTML. There are a number of ways to learn code, so choose the method suits you best - whether using a book on coding or taking a class or whether you use the thousands of free online tutorials, videos and websites available; whichever you choose, study until you know css and HTML inside out and back to front. (3) Research. Find out whether there is a lot of call for a web designer in your area. How many local businesses are looking for web design and how much competition is there locally. Also, explore the online work forums to see your competition in the web design world. Take a deep breath and realise that there are a lot of people also doing the same thing. Can you compete with their work and their prices? (4) Portfolio. For a web designer the portfolio is an essential part of your tools and the thing you will use to get new clients. When you are choosing work for your portfolio, make sure it is high quality and worth showing to clients - in other words, make sure you go for quality over quantity. If you are just starting out, design one or two web pages for yourself or as examples and make sure they are unique and innovative. (5) Networking. Web designers, especially ones who are new to the market, need to sharpen their networking skills. From business cards to local papers to online forums and job boards and going to local business groups and community business meet 'n' greets you absolutely must put yourself out there if you want to make a success of your new career as a web designer. Article Source:

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