Monday, December 21, 2015

Web Design - 4 Great Tips to Lose Your Web Visitors for Good

Here are 4 great ideas to make sure no one will visit your web site more than once: 1. Stuff your pages with as many invisible text as possible to have your web site blacklisted by all major search engines. Go out and find out the top search keyword of the day and then fill the background of your pages and all your meta tags with that keyword - for example, try repeating "Brittney Spears" ten thousand times by using the same font color as your background. 2. Have as many large colorful graphic images and Flash files as possible on your home page so that your visitors will have to wait for ten minutes to download them. Since most visitors will click away from a web page that takes longer than 10 seconds to download, you'll make sure no one will visit your Mother of All Index Pages. 3. Since using a keyword in the page title and content is good for the search engines, use it as many times as possible both to get blacklisted and to really annoy your visitors. It's like don't forget this important tip since a tip that is important and repeated is not forgotten and becomes a frequently remembered tip that is so important and read when repeated and that's why a tip that is never forgotten is also a tip repeated over and over again. 4. Have no original content on your web site but just a quadzillion links to other pages in other web sites. Why create your own unique and useful content when the Internet is full of suckers doing it for you? It's cheap, quick, and everybody seems to be doing it as well. Just make sure you have those Google AdSense links after every word and you've got it made! You'll hopefully make a few cents a month as well. Create the longest and the baddest Directory Farm and you'll never have a return visitor, guaranteed. Article Source:

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