Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Top Tips on Website Advertisement Methods.

Top Tips on Website Advertisement Methods.

If you have a business, then you know that the lifeblood of the business is the amount of clients it can attract for the business owner to make a profit. This also applies to your website. If you have a website, you don't just build and think that the visitors will come... no way. You might as well daydream. So, if you have a website and want to make a profit then you have got to know what website advertisement methods to use so as to make some profit from your website. If you are not doing it for the money, then you still need to drive traffic to your website.

Now, website traffic can be classified into two broad types: The targeted and untargeted traffic. Targeted traffic are those visitors who are specifically looking for something you have to offer. For instance, let's assume you are looking for a toothache relief pill or something, and then you visit a website that actually sells a toothache relief pill, that makes you a targeted website visitor and a targeted prospect to the Webmaster or owner of the website. Untargeted visitors are the exact opposite of targeted visitors. Do you notice those spam mails that you frequently see in your mailbox, the ones advertising porn's and so on? Those are a typical example of untargeted website traffic and these convert a lot less than targeted website visitors.

There are various website advertisement methods all geared towards driving traffic to your website. Some of them are free and others are paid. These different website advertisement tactics and strategies have different modes of operation but they drive traffic to your website all the same.

1. Pay per Click (PPC) Advertisement. Ever heard of the all - popular Google ad words program? That is a very effective way of driving targeted website traffic to your website. All you do is sign up with google, choose the keyword you need to target, write your ads, specify the amount of money that you will pay when people click to see your ads and you are ready to roll. All you have to do is sit back and watch the traffic roll in. The cost per click could vary from between 1 cent/click to $70/click depending on the keywords you are targeting. This is not solely restricted to google alone. Yahoo, and MSN closely follow Goggle and the cost per click are often in the same price range. But smaller PPC search engines like 7search, Miva, Enhance, all do the same but are less costly
2. Article Writing. One of the reasons you are reading this article is because you either stumbled on it, you were looking for something related to it or a friend sent it to you. Article writing is a great and effective website advertisement method. More often than not, well written articles can give you and your website a ton of exposure. While PPC can cost you an arm and a leg, article writing hardly does that. On the contrary, it is free except you outsource the writing to freelance writers and have them post it up for you. Otherwise, you could easily type up one, target a specific keyword like website advertisement, put it up on an article directory and you are ready to roll. A well written article has the potential to drive at least 5,000 targeted website visitors to your website in just a month. Now imagine what you could do with 30.

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