Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How important a web-site to get business in today's world

Once a joker defined business is a balancing circus and the business men are more like circus players. The joker just told it as a comedy to get the attention of audience. But in deep analysis we can find that what actually the joker said is true. Business is a balancing game between profit and loss. The profit and the loss is calculated by the statistics of the number of customers the business has. If the number of customers are increasing we can say the business is growing. If we are loosing customers business is in loss. In a survey it shows, how much concentration we paid to the customer support at least ten percent of customers will be dissatisfied. They will left us for some silly reasons.So to balance our business we need to get more new customers. How we can get new customers to balance the irate customers. Good question,the only way is introduce our services or product to the people who don't know us. Here advertisements plays a role. The traditional advertising channels are newspapers, Television,radio etc. But this kind of advertisement has an issue. We are paying for one unit of time or space. When the time period is over we need to pay the same amount once again. So the amount we are spending for the advertisement can be calculated as the sum of initial amount for the creation and the publishing amount. But the situation is changed. As the Internet is very popular there is a room to catch customers for our business. To do that the first thing we need is get a place for our business in cyberspace. We need to have a place where we can introduce our company and the services or products we offers. The only amount we are spending for it is the web site development and hosting cost. After hosting a web site we need little amount to maintain it. After developing and hosting the web site the next target should be get traffic to our web site. A properly developed web site with a few SEO tricks we will get a considerable amount of traffic to our site. To convert the incoming traffic to our customers we need to present our web site as much as attracting to the customers. The web site should offer better services and offers which should stop a visitor from navigate away from the page. So the point is if we are practicing SEO tips we will get traffic but to convert the traffic to useful customers we need to present our services and products in an attractive way. The only way to understand a visitors need we should consider us as an ordinary visitor. We should visit our site as an ordinary man who is looking for similar services or product. After checking the site we need to analyze as am I satisfied with the presentation in this site. If not again we need to think why I am not satisfied.Make changes according to our analysis. After performing so many changes and analysis we can make this site as a major source of customers for our business. So in a nut shell in today's world maintain a web site is very important as it can be a potential source of our customers.

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