Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Are You Also Using These Web Designing Principles for Website Optimization?

If you ask different people the same question, 'what is a perfect website in their opinion", you will be amazed to see the numerous answers. Some might like a colorful website, while some might like a website with lots of images, some might give preference to informative content and some might say that they like the most updated website. They might be right, if we consider a specific industry, but the same approach cannot suit every industry. Web designing is called an art. Just knowing some coding and tricks can't make you a good website designer. In order to design a striking website, a designer needs to follow some principles and avoid some blunders. Find below some of the mistakes you should completely avoid while designing a website. Too small fonts: Most of the website designers still follow the old standards and use same old small fonts of around 12 px. The fact is that now people's preference and reading habits have changed. Modern readers rarely give preference to a website having too small font size. As per a survey, the average content a visitor reads is just 28% and the average time on a website is merely 8 seconds. This is really very small duration or an opportunity to leave a strong impact. In order to hold the attention of the visitors use attention-getting headlines in right font size. This will also compel your visitors to read the content you offer them. Some designers have now started following 14 px size. One more technique is to try visibility of the same font size in different font styles. This helps you counter the problem of visibility of different font styles in varied sizes. Wrong contrast fonts: Will you be able to read content on a website with black background and white font? It's extremely difficult and painful for the eyes. Many designers mistake using low contrast fonts, just to make the website look good at first glance, but this is just a technique to make your visitors leave your site immediately. In today's fast-moving life, where people are equipped with innumerable choices, no-one bothers to waste time on reading something that is highly time-consuming. Make sure the content on your website is easy to read. Overlooked line height: I have seen many designers, who are just bothered about the size and style of the font. They give least preference to the line height. They just haphazardly select a line height and design the website. They might not give preference to it, but as a visitor, you need to check it out. Make sure the content on your website doesn't look crowded. You can relax about this website design principle by hiring a talented web designer. Wrong color selection for Calls to Action: This is one of the most important sections of the complete website. To draw attention of the visitors use good accent color. It will also help your direct them take the desired action. Try to keep the call-to-action color different from the complete website. Some of the points you should remember are: Keep it bright enough to draw attention It shouldn't clash with other colors on the website Don't overuse the same color on the site. Hopefully, you must have got some ideas to add more appeal to your website and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Check your website as a visitor and make the required changes.

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