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Keeping your domain privacy intact is quite a challenging task. It can really make you juggle with the situation when the private information that you enter while registering your domain becomes public as it may result in Inbox spamming and this personal information can be used by anti-social elements to harass, threaten or misuse the information of the person, who gets his domain registered on the Internet.

With Internet revolutionizing our day-today private and professional life, everyone is going online. Each one of us wishes to be famous on the Internet and most often open multiple revenue channels for ourselves.

If we attempt to look at the bigger picture, we'd find that as soon as the website shows strong Google analytics statistic, its value increases manifold on the Internet as it directly determines the revenues earned through website clicks. Sometimes this success can become hard to digest for your competitors and they can misuse the private information given away by you. Hence, private domain registration is an intelligent concept and must be taken seriously.

In today's times, it's indeed too easy to find out anything & everything about the domain owner by conducting a WHOIS search on the name of the domain. Everything from name & address to phone number and state of residence would be right in front of you.

Private domain registration saves you from unwanted telemarketers and enables you to conceal your contact & other private details like phone number, email address, name etc. from publically visible WHOIS records.

Private domain registration offers you:

1) Spam Protection: Several third parties come to your rescue here. Some good domain registrars like LimeDomains, HostGator, FatCow etc. cover your real identity with the help of a third party and your personal details are no longer visible to spammers, telemarketers, identity thieves, data miners and snail mailers.

2) Privacy Protection: Your privacy is saved from getting intruded with private domain registration as the third party owned by your domain registrar replaces your personal contact details with that of its own. However, you continue owning the domain and the registrar functions like a proxy.

3) Website Privacy: If you go with private registration, you can lend your website its own fa├žade and only required brand message can be delivered to the users. Your website can be kept anonymous.

4) Better Control Over Brand Image - By using private registration, you can exercise a better control over your brand messaging and reveal the information only that you wish to convey to your target audiences.

5) Affordable Prices: This private registration service is being availed by the users at a very affordable price. So many registrars have come up with this service at quite competitive prices. So without hitting your pocket hard, you can protect your identity and save it from fraudsters, spammers and other deterrents.

Hope that you would be using private domain registration for your domain and keep it safe with you. This will not only help you keep your private data safe but also enable you to thrive successfully on the World Wide Web.
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